Higher Education Management Monitoring (HEM)

The HEM Monitoring is a digital analysis tool for higher education management. With the help of the HEM Monitoring, the institution’s management can form a snapshot of the institution’s activities and development needs, which forms the basis for strategic planning and transformations. Also, the management can conduct follow-up evaluations to ensure progress on the strategic transformation.  

The HEM Monitoring includes digital self-evaluation tool for the management group. We offer additional consultation services for the strategic process to ensure effective transformation.

Monitoring may cover the following activities of the institution:  

  • The DNA of Higher Education Institution 
  • Dynamic Operational Environment, Including the effects of megatrends  
  • The Core Elements of Management including strategic, competence and change management  
  • The Enablers of Transformation including RDI, quality, business cooperation, stakeholders, internationalization and digitalization  
  • The Success of Higher Education Institution  

Professional Higher Education Management Framework* is the theoretical basis for the monitoring.  

Benefits of the HEM monitoring:  

  • It provides higher education management with a consistent picture of the state-of-the-art in their institution.  
  • It helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different aspects of the institution.  
  • It makes visible possible the different perspectives of the respondents. Are the views of the management team members different or similar?  
  • It serves as an excellent basis for joint development discussion and planning  
  • It can lay the groundwork for the strategy reform.  
  • It helps to consider the weighting of the different elements of the management in the future  
  • If agreed, the monitoring service also brings the views of an external expert to support the work of management.  

Data collected with the HEM Monitoring is used to analyze the respondent's organization's situation. Professional Publishing Finland Oy may use the collected data later in their research. Any personal information that could be used to identify a certain person or organization, will not be shared to third parties by Professional Publishing Finland Oy. 

*) The HEM Monitoring is based on the Professional Higher Education Management Framework, which was developed by Dr. Ritva Laakso-Manninen and Dr. Lauri Tuomi. The framework is presented in the book Professional Higher Education Management. Best practices from Finland. Monitoring can be done separately, but the book provides excellent theory and practical case-based material as a background. The book is available as an e-book or a printed book.