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Dr. Ritva Laakso-Manninen & Dr. Lauri Tuomi

Professional Higher Education Management - Best Practices from Finland (hardcover)

Professional Higher Education Management - Best Practices from Finland (hardcover)

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Filled with inspiring real-life cases, this publication combines theory and practice to offer tools for any manager to improve his or her educational institution’s performance. Its practical orientation encourages managers, board members and experts to put new insights into practice.

The Finnish higher education system underwent fundamental reform some years ago when universities of applied sciences were created as a new form of higher education with the purpose of better taking into account the challenges of working life. International evaluators have deemed Finland’s reform a resounding success. This book compiles the best Finnish professional higher education management practices, allowing the reader to benefit from the experiences and lessons learned.

Professional higher education is responding to the challenges of rapidly changing environments in business and industry. It has already impacted both education and applied research, challenging centuries-old traditions in academic universities. In order to succeed, this novel approach requires that management also adapts.

Our aim, with this book, is to create a framework for the management of profession-based higher education. We want to inspire the reader to renew management practices and structures for increased flexibility and adaptability. 

This book is targeted at higher education managers who are willing to lead their institutions and universities in a future-oriented way. The book also provides new perspectives for higher education board members as well as to administrators in departments and government agencies. Researchers of educational policy and students of higher education management will also benefit.


“The Finnish success story of universities of applied sciences gives an excellent example of how higher education can add value to business and industry. An indispensable must-read guide for all those who want to enjoy and share best practices in professional higher education.”

 Anneli Pirttila, Doctor of Science (Technology) in Industrial Engineering and Management


”Universities have a constant need of ideas regarding internationalization; how to proceed and what kind of approaches seem to work? This book gives valuable guidance to universities’ international efforts. I can warmly recommend it!”

Dr. Teemu Kokko, President and CEO of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

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