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Hanne Koli

Engaging to Learn (e-book)

Engaging to Learn (e-book)

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This book focuses on questions such as: How can we move from teacher-directed teaching toward learning-centered teaching? How can we facilitate the learning of every learner by creating learning opportunities for everyone? How can we help learners to take control of their own learning?

With the help of this book teachers can engage their students in learning by creating learning opportunities that will make learning inspiring. The book offers practical advice and useful tools for teachers in their everyday work. At the heart of the book lie learning assignments. A learning assignment is an important pedagogical method and a tool for the teacher. You can find interesting topics and appropriate ideas for a variety of teaching situations from classrooms to eLearning. The book uses text and figures to introduce how to design different kind of learning processes. The book is aimed at teachers at all levels of education, vocational institutions, colleges and universities and other organizations.

Author Hanne Koli


Hanne Koli is a teacher educator, designer, work counselor and non-fiction writer from Helsinki Finland. She has educated thousands of teachers about digital learning, guidance and student assessment. Her Pedagogical Star Lessons online course for teachers’ professional development is already in use in China, Malesia, Indonesia, Georgia, India, Brazil and Uzbekistan. She has written many non-fiction books about pedagogical practices starting from ICT-strategies for schools to designing online learning practices. She has designed numerous online courses to different organizations.


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