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Skills create Talents - Sustainable solutions through Finland-Africa VET collaboration (softcover)

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Africa’s 54 countries and 1.3 billion inhabitants offer enormous opportunities for the future. Africa has the youngest population in the world. The population offers great opportunities for the growth and development for the continent, but also negative prospects if the jobs and skills do not match.

Finland is a small Nordic country that has gone through an incredible success story since the early 20th century. The strong belief in the continuous and lifelong learning is one of the secrets of the success of Finland. The lessons learned in Finland are not directly applicable elsewhere. We believe that the key to the success is collaboration. Thus, the book “Skills create Talent” is a handbook on how collaboration could create success stories.

In the book ‘Skills create Talents’ we discuss the importance of vocational education and training to create success for the individuals, the employers as well as for the society. We focus on the development of professional skills and vocational training in cooperation with the working life. For the book we have selected best practice cases on the joint projects conducted in Finland-African cooperation. The skills are discussed from the wide perspective e.g., basic skills, entrepreneurial skills, green skills, upskilling, and reskilling. Please, note, that there is a separate chapter on the important role of VET teachers.  

The book is an excellent handbook for you if you would like to learn how to develop vocational education and training. The book is for the management of vocational institutions and human resource managers in the business sector as well as for the representatives of the ministries and authorities both on education and on employment and business development.




From skills to added value
Skilled individual, team, organization and system
Towards Competence
Workplaces as learning environment


Special future skills and training needed

Green skills
Digital competences
Girls’ training


How to acquire skills and competences

Vocational schools and degrees
Outside of schools learning
Work life learning
Lifelong learning 


Employment support models

Study guidance
Career guidance
Badging skills
The important role of teachers
The work and role of a teacher
Teacher education
Attractions of the teacher’s work
Leaders’ role


The future of skills & competences

Visions and strategic goals
Appreciation of VET


Authors of the book, Annu Jokela-Ylipiha, Satu Järvinen, Ritva Laakso-Manninen, Jari Laukia, and Lauri Tuomi have a thorough experience in business and in vocational and professional education. They have participated in several projects done in collaboration with their African partners to promote the businesses and welfare of the societies and the individuals.